Rebecca Brady

MD/PhD Candidate

Rebecca Brady is an MD/PhD candidate in the Medical Scientist Training Program at Washington University in St. Louis. Rebecca is broadly interested in the relationships between prenatal risk factors, early brain development, and later psychiatric symptoms. As part of the WUNDER lab, she is examining how heritable factors & prenatal exposure to neighborhood crime, adversity, and stress influence the connections between emotion processing and emotion regulation regions in babies’ brains at birth. Additionally, Rebecca is using the neonatal neuroimaging data from the longitudinal eLABE study to relate functional and structural brain connectivity to externalizing symptoms and callous-unemotional traits in preschoolers. Her PhD in Neuroscience is funded by a T32 Imaging Sciences Fellowship and a National Research Service Award from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. Prior to working in the WUNDER lab, Rebecca earned her B.S. at Duke University where she double majored in Philosophy and Neuroscience. Outside of lab, she enjoys yoga, board games, ice skating, and hiking.